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Our Story - Joes Junk & Trash removal

Welcome to Joe’s Junk & Trash Removal, your go-to junk removal service in Orange County, CA! Our story began back in 2020 when Joe started his business with just one truck and a trailer. Little did he know, the demand for a reliable, affordable, and friendly junk removal service in the area would skyrocket!

Joe got his inspiration one day during the covid shutdown, back in 2020. He saw an old pick-up pulling around an old trailer and hauling away people’s junk. It truck was old, the trailer unlabeled, and looking kind of beat down. He saw that there was such a huge demand for people needing to get rid of the junk that they would hire just about anyone to do it, even some guy with a beat-up old old truck and trailer.

He thought o himself, “Why don’t I set up a junk removal service but do it in a professional way?”

To him, it seemed simple enough. Simply provide top-notch service at a reasonable price, and boy, did it catch on! With his hardworking spirit, honed from his days as a dedicated FedEx truck driver, he built a reputation for going above and beyond for his customers. Before he knew it, he needed more trucks and a team of awesome folks to keep up with the demand.

Today, Joe’s Junk & Trash Removal is the talk of the town, boasting some of the highest reviews on Google and Yelp. We take pride in our work and love seeing our customers happy and junk-free!

Got a messy garage, an old sofa that’s seen better days, or just a bunch of random stuff cluttering up your space? Give us a call at (714) 292-4296, and we’ll swoop in like superheroes to save the day! We’ll haul away all that unwanted junk, leaving you with a clean and clutter-free space to enjoy.

Don’t let the mess stress you out any longer. Reach out to Joe’s Junk & Trash Removal today, and let us work our magic. We’re here to make your life easier and your space junk-free!

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