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Our highly rated junk removal in Villa Park will remove a wide variety of items, including mattresses, furniture, refrigerators, washers and dryers, televisions, exercise equipment, trash, couches, construction debris, concrete, dirt, and much more!

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Welcome to Joe's Junk & Trash Removal, where we've got your back when it comes to unwanted stuff. We know how much of a hassle it can be, so we've made it super easy for you. Say goodbye to wasting time and energy on removing junk yourself. Just give us a shout, and our awesome team will handle everything for you!

Save Time and Effort

We totally get it - your time and energy are valuable. When you choose us for your junk removal needs in Villa Park, you can kick back and focus on the things that truly matter. Leave the heavy lifting to us! No more stressing about hauling, loading, or getting rid of unwanted items on your own. Our lightning-fast and efficient service guarantees a quick and responsible removal, giving you back precious time to do the things you love.


At Joe's Junk & Trash Removal, we take pride in being pros at what we do. We bring our A-game with a touch of class. Our skilled team arrives fully prepared with top-notch expertise and all the right tools to get the job done right. We treat each project with utmost care and attention to detail, leaving your space squeaky clean and free from any unwanted clutter.

Junk Removal in Villa Park, CA - Want to see the types of items we take away?

Here's a small sample of the items we are happy to remove:

Basic Junk Removal

Hey there, Villa Park residents! Joe's Junk & Trash Removal is your friendly neighborhood junk removal crew. We're all about quick, friendly, and professional service for both homes and businesses. Got unwanted stuff cluttering up your space? No worries! Our expert team can swoop in and safely remove it all - furniture, appliances, toys, electronics, you name it!

Commercial Junk Removal

Calling all business owners in Villa Park! Joe's Junk & Trash Removal is at your service. We specialize in commercial junk removal, from office buildings to industrial plants. Don't let unwanted items clutter your workspace and slow you down. Our team of professionals is ready to swoop in, quickly and safely haul away all that excess stuff, and leave you with a clean and organized environment. Our services are affordable and lightning-fast, so you can get back to business in no time.

Furniture & Appliances

Got some heavy-duty furniture or appliances taking up too much space? We've got you covered, Villa Park! Joe's Junk & Trash Removal is your go-to crew for furniture and appliance removal. Our pros have the muscle and expertise to tackle even the toughest items. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the heavy lifting for you. We know life can get busy, so we're here to make furniture and appliance removal a breeze.

Large Items

Got some big, bulky items that seem impossible to move? Fear not, because at Joe's Junk & Trash Removal, we're experts at handling those behemoths! From oversized furniture to massive appliances, we've got the muscle and the know-how to get them out of your way. Say goodbye to the hassle and let us handle the heavy lifting with a smile

Small Demo Work

Ready to bid farewell to that old hot tub, shed, or playground set that's been taking up precious space? Say no more, because at Joe's Junk & Trash Removal, we've got the tools and the team to handle the demolition and removal for you! Sit back, relax, and watch as we transform your backyard into a playground of possibilities.

Move Out Clean-Outs

At Joe's Junk & Trash Removal, we're experts in move-out clean-outs, and we're here to make your transition as smooth as can be. Whether it's clearing out after an eviction, tackling a hoarder's clean-out, managing an estate clean-out, or simply settling into a new place, our caring team is ready to lend a helping hand. We've got the skills, the strength, and the speed to handle large-scale junk removal

What Makes Separates Us From The Other Junk Removal In Villa Park?

At Joe’s Junk & Trash Removal, we believe we set a new standard for excellent junk removal services in Villa Park, CA. Being a family-owned business, we take pride in giving top priority to our customers’ needs, ensuring that every job is done to their satisfaction.

Our highly trained team is well-prepared with the best tools and trucks, ready to handle any junk removal task, no matter how big or complicated. With accuracy and efficiency, we will quickly remove unwanted items from your space, leaving it clean and free from clutter.

When you choose Joe’s Junk & Trash Removal, you can expect prompt, thorough, and affordable service that goes beyond your expectations. For fast, professional, and affordable junk removal in Villa Park, look no further than Joe’s Junk & Trash Removal.

Here is how our junk removal process works and what to expect when contacting our services: 

Quick Estimates:

When you reach out to us, we'll do our best to give you a quick estimate. Just snap a few pics of the junk you want us to tackle, and send them our way. It'll help us give you an idea of the costs involved, though keep in mind, it's a rough estimate. Sometimes, we might need to swing by to give you an exact quote, but don't worry, it won't slow us down!

Accurate Pricing:

Speaking of pricing, we believe in being upfront and transparent. The estimates based on pictures are just rough, so when our awesome team arrives at your place, we'll give you the real deal before we start hauling. No surprises, we promise!

Efficient Junk Removal:

Once we've sorted out the numbers and you're good to go, our super-trained crew will spring into action. We'll work our magic and make that junk disappear. Safety first, though—we'll take extra care to protect your property. Whether it's a mountain of mess or a tiny pile of trinkets, we're ready to handle it all. So sit back, relax, and watch as we load up your unwanted items.


When it's all said and done, we'll hand you an invoice with a smile. Don't worry, we've got plenty of payment options to make it a breeze. Once you've settled up, you can bid farewell to those pesky items. They're officially out of your life, and you're free to enjoy the newfound space!

What our customers are saying about our junk removal in Villa Park...

Ryan MacMillan
Ryan MacMillan
We found Joe around the corner from our shop. We asked if he had time to come by and pick up some junk we had. He was there within the hour. "Some junk" turned into three truckloads packed to the brim. He was happy to be there and eager to work. He is a great guy with fair pricing. I will definitely be calling him again.
Kelly Babcock
Kelly Babcock
Joe showed up on time, cleared everything away, made sure that everything was clean and tidy and all for a fair price. I highly recommend his service.
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson
Great experience using Joe’s Junk & Trash Removal. Joe was able to stop by within 15min of calling him for a quote! Would definitely recommend Joe’s trash Removal for your next clean up!
Ellie Kennedy
Ellie Kennedy
Joe was very responsive and was able to help me the same day I called. Very professional team and reasonable rate.
Cindy Christensen
Cindy Christensen
My experience with Joe’s was a quick turn around from quote to pick up was quick and at a reasonable cost. The team was professional and mindful of being careful and thorough. I highly recommend their services. Cindy C.
David Laudenback
David Laudenback
Joe and his team were very professional and easy to work with. I definetly recommend them to anyone who needs house hold removal.
Darla Dove
Darla Dove
Joe and his partner worked quickly and efficiently. They were friendly, courteous and gave a fair, honest price. I highly recommend them!
Bruce Bender
Bruce Bender
Great job, on time, very heavy mattress removal. Highly recommend
Laura Bachand
Laura Bachand
Filled out the form online and shortly after Joe reached out to me via text. It was super easy to communicate and I was able to setup a day the same week for my couch to be picked up. I also received an estimate so I knew what to expect. Very professional. I will definitely be using them again if I ever need furniture removed.
Linda Schleuter
Linda Schleuter
Joe was amazing called him today to setup appt and he came a few hours later! Very nice and professional will definitely use him again and tell friends and family!

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